Retail Business (R-B) & General Business (G-B)

Some parcels are proposed to be rezoned to reflect current uses and the zoning of adjacent parcels. Certain uses that were not previously addressed in Brooklyn’s zoning code have been added, revised, or clarified.

Map of Districts
Use Updates
Retail Business (R-B) & General Business (G-B)
  • A few parcels are proposed to be rezoned based on existing uses and adjacent zoning designations
  • New, revised, or clarified uses that were not addressed previously in the city’s code
    • Live/work dwellings (R-B only)
    • Multi-family residential (will only be allowed in areas identified for this use in the master plan, and will be subject to design standards)
    • Animal training, boarding, and pet day cares
    • Breweries and distilleries
    • Conference centers
    • Mixed use buildings and developments
    • Distinguishing discount stores and vape stores from other retail establishments
District Uses
Retail Business (R-B) District Uses
General Business (G-B) District Uses

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