Single Family Dwelling House (SF-DH) and Public Facilities & Open Space (PFO)

There are no new single-family dwelling house districts proposed for Brooklyn, but specific single-family dwelling house parcels have been selected to be rezoned to create a new Public Facilities and Open Space District.

Map of Districts
Use Updates
Single Family Dwelling House (SF-DH)
  • Select SF-DH parcels proposed to be rezoned to Public Facilities and Open Space (as shown on the map)
  • New, revised or clarified uses that were not addressed previously in the zoning code:
    • Accessory dwellings
    • Residential facilities and treatment facilities (required by state and federal fair housing laws)
  • Cemeteries
Public Facilities & Open Space (PFO)
  • NEW PROPOSED DISTRICT to be located on land dedicated for schools, government buildings, large-scale churches, libraries, parks, preservation areas, etc.
  • Permitted uses are public and institutional uses
District Uses
Single Family Dwelling House District Uses
Public Facilities & Open Space District Uses

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