Zoning Code to Voters on May 2

Brooklyn’s current Planning and Zoning Code goes back to the 1990s and much has changed in our community since then. Now is the time to update it to protect open spaces and parks from development, align zoning districts to how they are actually being used, preserve the character of our existing residential neighborhoods, and balance Brooklyn’s needs of today and tomorrow. 

We worked with residents, business stakeholders, and project experts to rewrite the Planning and Zoning Code and update the zoning map that modernizes the types of businesses allowed in commercial areas to meet Brooklyn’s present and future needs, while improving residential regulations to protect current neighborhood development patterns. The code also includes protections for our parks, new design standards, revised parking requirements and enhanced landscaping and buffering requirements, and brings sign regulations into compliance with current law — all long overdue.

On May 2, the updated Zoning Code will be on the ballot. We encourage you, our neighbors, to continue to stay involved in the process and join us at our public open house at Brooklyn City Hall on May 1, 2023 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. where you can view the new zoning map and ask questions.

You can also view the full Code and Zoning Map here.

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