Message from the Mayor

Mayor Ron
Van Kirk

Welcome to Moving Forward. Together—a site dedicated to the City of Brooklyn’s Planning and Zoning Code Update.

Zoning is about deciding together the best way land in our city may be used for the benefit and greater good of the entire community.  While parcels of land have private owners, what property owners do with their land has public consequences and shapes how our city functions. Zoning allows us to balance the property rights of owners and the city’s needs.

Our challenge is that our current zoning code is nearly 30 years old and does not accurately reflect what our community today wants and needs. Opportunities won’t wait while Brooklyn adjusts its zoning code on a case-by-case basis. A modern, updated zoning code will allow us to better compete, function, and thrive.

This project is the critical next step following the completion of Brooklyn’s new master plan in 2020.

An updated zoning code will give us the tools we need to protect the things we value most about Brooklyn and become the city we want to be.

In the coming months, we need to hear from you, our residents and business owners, during this process. Please use this site to ask questions, get answers and follow the progress of our zoning code efforts.

With your participation, we will keep Brooklyn Moving Forward. TOGETHER.


Ron Van Kirk