Module 1—Zoning Districts and Land Use Regulations

December 2021–January 2022

To begin this module, the consultant team and city staff reviewed and updated the types of uses that are allowed within the city and where they are allowed.

Proposed Map
Categories of Proposed Land Uses within Existing and Proposed Districts

Existing Use—Uses that are allowed in Brooklyn’s current zoning code.
Example: Parks and playgrounds in residential zoning districts.

New Title—Existing uses that have been renamed or have been combined with or separated from other uses.
Example: Changing the term “Apartment” to “Dwelling, Multi-Family.”

New Use—Proposed uses that have not been previously permitted in Brooklyn.
Examples: Breweries and distilleries and live/work dwellings.

New Standards—Existing uses that are proposed for districts where they were not previously permitted; existing conditional uses that are proposed to become permitted uses; existing permitted uses that are proposed to become conditional uses.
Example: Allowing outdoor recreation facilities as conditional uses in the Retail Business District.

Different Types of Uses

Permitted Uses: Uses that are allowed in specified zoning districts. These uses are the least restricted and are considered acceptable in each specified district.
Examples: A single-family house in a residential zoning district and a retail store in a business district.

Conditional Uses: Uses that have some special characteristics and require careful review to determine if they are appropriate in proposed locations. Approval of these uses requires a public review process.
Examples: Drive-through uses in the Retail Business Zoning District and libraries or museums in Residential Zoning Districts.

Accessory Uses: Uses that are secondary and incidentally related to uses that are permitted on specific sites. Accessory uses may or may not include structures.
Examples: Storage sheds, fences, pools, and detached garages.

Temporary Uses: Uses that are only permitted for specific periods of time.
Examples: Special events, construction-related activities, and seasonal sales.

Read the following posts for an overview of proposed zoning district and land use changes.