Use Definitions—DRAFT



Accessory Structure
A subordinate and incidental structure detached from the principal building (such as a detached garage or shed), located on the same lot or on an adjacent lot of common ownership. An accessory structure does not share a common wall or foundation with the principal building.

Accessory Use
A use that is located on the same lot as a principal building, and is subordinate and related to the use of the principal building or use of land.

Adult Entertainment Establishment
For the purposes of this zoning code, adult entertainment establishment shall include, but not be limited to, any of the following:

Adult Bookstore.
An establishment which utilizes 15 percent or more of its retail selling area for the purpose of retail sale or rental, or for the purpose of display by coin or slug-operated, or electronically, electrically, or mechanically controlled still or motion picture machines, projectors, or other image-producing devices, or both, books, magazines, other periodicals, films, tapes, and cassettes which are distinguished by their emphasis on adult materials as defined in this section.

Adult Motion Picture Theater.
An enclosed motion picture theater that is regularly used or utilizes 15 percent or more of its total viewing time, for presenting material distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting, describing, or related to adult material as defined in this section.

Adult Motion Picture Drive-In Theater.
An open-air drive-in theater that is regularly used or utilizes 15 percent or more of its total viewing time, for presenting material distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting, describing, or related to adult material as defined in this section.

Adult-only Live Entertainment Business.
An establishment where the patron directly or indirectly is charged a fee where the establishment features entertainment or services which constitute adult material as defined in this Section, or which features exhibitions, dance routines, or gyrational choreography of persons totally nude, topless, bottomless, or strippers, male or female impersonators or similar entertainment or services which constitute adult material.

  • To further determine whether the above facilities are adult entertainment establishments, the following definitions shall apply:
    • Adult material. Any book, magazine, newspaper, pamphlet, poster, print, picture, slide, transparency, figure, image, description, motion picture film, phonographic record or tape, other tangible thing, or any service, capable of arousing interest through sight, sound, or touch, and:
      • Which material is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on matter displaying, describing, or representing sexual activity, masturbation, sexual excitement, nudity, bestiality, or human bodily functions of elimination; or,
      • Which service is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on sexual activity, masturbation, sexual excitement, nudity, bestiality, or human bodily functions of elimination.
    • Bottomless. Less than fully opaque covering of male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks.
    • Nude or Nudity. The showing, representation, or depiction of human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks with less than full, opaque covering of any portion thereof, or female breast(s) with less than a full, opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple, or of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.
    • Topless. The showing of a female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple.
    • Sexual Activity. Sexual conduct or sexual contact, or both.
    • Sexual Contact. Any touching of an erogenous zone of another, including without limitation the thigh, genitals, buttock, pubic region, or, if the person is a female, a breast, for the purpose of sexually arousing or gratifying either person.
    • Sexual Excitement. The condition of the human male or female genitals, when in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal.

Animal Boarding
A structure or premises providing overnight accommodations of household pets, with or without compensation.

Animal Training and Day Care
A structure or premises used for the schooling, exercising, attending to the care of, or any other animal husbandry activities for household pets, with or without compensation, during the day and without overnight stays.

Art, Craft, and Plant Show, Exhibit, and Sale, Indoor and Outdoor
Display of art, crafts, or plants in a setting of either a show, exhibit, or sale either completely indoor, outdoor or a combination of both. This does not include the outdoor display of merchandise for a commercial business.

Art Gallery/Studio
A facility that includes work with display or teaching space for one or more artists, artisans, or musicians.

Assisted Living Facility
A long-term care facility that provides housing, personalized support services, and health care designed to meet the individual needs of persons who need help with the activities of daily life such as meals, medication management, or assistance with bathing and dressing, but do not need the degree of medical care provided in a skilled nursing facility.

Automated Transaction Machine (ATM), Outdoor
An electronic device used by the public for conducting financial transactions such as withdrawing or depositing cash from a bank, savings, credit union, credit card, or similar account wherein the customer operates the device independently.

Automobile and Vehicular Storage
Any building or premises used for storage of motor-driven vehicles pursuant to previous arrangements and not to transients, and at which automobile fuels and oils are not sold, and motor-driven vehicles are not equipped, repaired, hired, or sold. This excludes the storage of recreational vehicles.

Automotive Fueling Station
An establishment where liquids used as motor fuels are stored and dispensed into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles by an attendant or by persons other than the station attendant and may include facilities available for the sale of other retail products. Automotive Fueling Station does not include facilities designed for the fueling of semi-trailer trucks.

Automotive Rental
Any building or land used for the display and rental of motor vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and trucks in operable condition. The act of renting an automobile is the use of a motor vehicle for a temporary period of time at an agreed amount of money for the rental.

Automotive Repair Facility
A facility that performs all customary repair services for automobiles or other motorized equipment owned by the general public.

Automotive Sales or Leasing, New
A building and land used by a franchised automobile dealer principally for the sale of new automobiles. The sale of used automobiles may be permitted provided the inventory of used automobiles does not exceed 50 percent of the overall inventory at any one time.

Automotive Sales or Leasing, Used
The sale of used automobiles, as a subordinate use to a franchised automobile dealer selling new automobiles, may be permitted provided the inventory of used automobiles does not exceed 50 percent of the overall inventory at any one time.

Automotive Washing Facility
A facility for washing, cleaning, drying, and waxing of passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles, or other light-duty equipment. An automotive washing facility may be self-service or full service.


Bar and Tavern
An establishment serving alcoholic beverages in which the principal business is the sale of such beverages at retail for consumption on the premises. Food may also be available for consumption on the premises.

Bed and Breakfast
A private owner-occupied residence with one to three guest rooms contained within that structure and operated so that guests reside at the home for a finite and temporary basis, and wherein the owner of the property remains on-site for the duration of the guests’ stay. No kitchen facilities may be provided for use by guests.

Brewery, Distillery, Winery, Cidery (Macro)
Brewery, distillery, winery, or cidery that produces more than 15,000 barrels per year and may distribute outside the region. Such uses may include accessory uses including tap/tasting rooms, food service, retail sales of merchandise and alcohol, entertainment space for live music, and other similar uses.

Brewery, Distillery, Winery, Cidery (Micro)
A limited-production brewery, distillery, winery, or cidery that produces less than 15,000 barrels per year and that typically produces specialty beers, spirits, wines, or ciders that are generally sold locally. Such uses may include accessory uses including tap/tasting rooms, food service, retail sales of merchandise and alcohol, entertainment space for live music, and other similar uses.


A temporary amusement show, usually consisting of a company of performers, animals, or other amusements, and usually traveling from place to place, used for commercial profiting purposes.

An area of land set apart for the purpose of the burial of bodies of dead persons or animals, and for the erection of customary markers, monuments, columbaria, and mausoleums.

Check Cashing, Short Term Loans
A business that for compensation engages in the business of cashing checks, warrants, drafts, money orders, or other commercial paper serving the same purpose. Check-cashing also includes a facility that provides loans to individuals in exchange for personal checks as collateral. The term “check-cashing” does not include a state or federally regulated bank or credit union.

Commercial Business
An organization engaged in the sale of goods, services, or both to consumers, whose primary purpose is a for-profit venture.

Commercial Vehicle Storage
Fleet storage or other inactive vehicle storage which is not accessible to vehicular traffic of the general public.

Conference or Convention Center
A facility containing over 20,000 square feet of gross floor area and designed to accommodate and support meetings or conferences. The facility may be either freestanding or incorporated into a hotel or office facility and may include eating and drinking facilities.

Construction Dumpster
A container having the capacity of at least one cubic yard used for the temporary storage of rubbish or materials to be disposed of, recycled, composted, or donated pending collection.

Construction Equipment Storage Yard
A lot, or portion of a lot or parcel, used to store and maintain construction equipment and other materials and facilities customarily required in the building trade by a construction contractor.

Construction and Large Equipment Rental, Sale, and Service
A building and land which operates its primary business in the rental, sales, and service of heavy-duty equipment and construction machinery, including recreational vehicles, boats, semi-trailer trucks, box trucks, construction equipment, and other similar vehicles and equipment.

Contractor’s Office and Equipment Shed
A temporary structure used as an office for contractors and builders during construction and which is located at a construction site that serves only as an office until the given construction work is completed. This includes contractor’s offices, equipment storage, and portable lavatories.

Construction Trailer
A mobile structure that is used to accommodate temporary offices, facilities, and/or storage of materials during an active construction project.

Convenience Store
Small-scale retail stores used for the sale of goods used on an everyday basis by consumers including, but not limited to, pre-packaged food and drink products, household items, newspapers, and magazines, which are typically associated with an automotive fueling establishment.


Day Care
A place in which supervision, protection, and care are administered to a person or persons, by an adult other than their parents or guardians, custodians, or relatives by blood, marriage, or adoption, but not including overnight lodging. Such uses may also include educational learning, such as preschool and kindergarten programs.

Dumpster and Waste Enclosure
An enclosed area, that is open to the sky, used for the storage of dumpsters and waste containers.

Dwelling, Accessory
An additional residential dwelling unit, but not a mobile home, tiny home, camper, or recreational vehicle, that is located on the same lot as a single-family dwelling unit, either within the same building as the single-family dwelling unit or in a detached building.

Dwelling, Live/Work.
A live/work dwelling is a single unit that consists of both a commercial or office use and a residential component that is occupied by the same occupant. The live/work unit shall be the primary dwelling of the occupant, and no portion of the live/work unit may be rented or sold separately.

Dwelling, Multi-Family
One or more buildings, or portion of buildings, on a single lot that contains more than three individual dwelling units, where each unit is occupied by one family and provided with an individual entrance to the outdoors or to a common hallway, and regardless of whether the dwelling units are owned or rented.

  • Dwelling Scales
    • Dwelling, Multi-Family Small Scale is a multi-family building of 3 or 4 dwelling units.
    • Dwelling, Multi-Family Large Scale is a multi-family building of 5 or more dwelling units.

Dwelling, Single Family, Attached
A building designed or arranged for use by a single-family consisting of one dwelling unit only, sharing at least one wall with another dwelling unit. Such uses shall have an individual entrance to the outdoors.

Dwelling, Single Family, Detached
A building designed or arranged for use by a single-family consisting of one dwelling unit only, separated from other dwelling units by open space.

Dwelling, Two Family
A building consisting of two dwelling units arranged, intended or designed to be occupied by two families only. Such uses may be arranged with one dwelling unit on the first floor and the other dwelling unit on the second floor, or with the two dwelling units located adjacent to each other with a shared wall. Such uses shall have an individual entrance to the outdoors.

Dwelling Unit
A building or part of a building comprising of living, dining, and sleeping room or rooms, storage closets, as well as space and equipment for cooking, bathing, and toilet facilities, all used by one household.


Education Facility, College/University/Trade School
A public or private educational facility that offers instruction for post-secondary education. This type of facility may have multiple education buildings and can include housing for full-time attendees or faculty.

Education Facility, Public or Private
A public or private educational facility that offers instruction in many branches of learning. These institutions include pre-school, elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools.


Farmers Market
An occasional or periodic market held in an open area or structure, where groups of individual sellers offer for sale to the public items such as fresh produce, seasonal fruits, fresh flowers, arts and crafts items, and food and beverages dispensed from booths located on-site. Farmers Markets are regulated as a Seasonal Sales activity.

A structure composed of non-living material, which may be constructed for privacy, security, screening, or decoration.

Fence, Living
A living fence is a grouping of plants including, but not limited to, hedges, shrubs, bushes, or trees arrange and/or growing in such a manner as to enclose, secure, partially enclose or secure, provide privacy, decorate, define, or enhance all or any part of a lot.

A temporary civic, recreational, fund-raising, or promotional activity or event that typically has a specific focus with its own social activities, food, music, or ceremonies. Such use typically takes place in a specified location and on a specific day or days.

Financial Establishment
A facility, building feature, or equipment of which the principal use or purpose of which is the provision of financial services including, but not limited to banks, credit unions, savings and loan institutions, and mortgage companies. Such uses do not include check-cashing or short-term loan establishments. This use may or may not include a drive-through.

Fitness Center/Studio
A facility where members or non-members use equipment or space for the purpose of physical exercise, improved circulation, or flexibility, and/or weight control. Facilities and activities can include, among other things, running, jogging, aerobics, weightlifting, court sports, whirlpools, saunas, massage rooms, yoga, karate, dance, and swimming, as well as locker rooms, showers, food and beverage services, and personal services. This use includes but is not limited to fitness training studios, exercise facilities, gymnasiums, and health clubs.

Food and Beverage
A facility whose principal business is the sale of foods, frozen desserts, or beverages in ready-to-consume individual servings, for consumption either within the building or for carry-out. This use may or may not include a drive-through.

Food Production or Processing
A facility that produces or processes food for human consumption and certain related products. This use includes but is not limited to commercial bakeries; dairy products processing; fats and oil product processing; fruit and vegetable canning, preserving, and related processing; grain mill products and by-products; meat, poultry, and seafood canning, curing, and by-product processing; and miscellaneous food preparation from raw products, including catering services that are independent of food stores or restaurants. This use does not include the production or processing of marijuana.

Food Truck
A vehicle or vehicle and trailer propelled by an engine that has been specifically designed for use for mobile food vending. A food truck shall not be deemed a temporary business under Chapter 741 of the city’s code of ordinances. Food trucks are regulated by Chapter 761 of the city’s code of ordinances.

Fulfillment Center
A third-party logistics warehouse that receives products and goods from suppliers, processes orders from e-commerce retailers, and ships products directly to individual consumers.

Funeral Home and Death Services
An establishment primarily engaged in the provision of services involving the care, preparation, or disposition of human remains. Typical uses include funeral parlors, crematories, or mortuaries.


Garages, Residential
A building or a part of a residence that includes a garage door, in which to store vehicles and personal property, and is incidental to the use of the property.

Governmental Facility
Any buildings, structure, or use, or portion thereof, used by a governmental agency for administrative or service purposes, but not including buildings devoted solely to the storage and maintenance of equipment and materials.


Home, Business Improvement Service
A business that is open to the general public and whose primary service includes the sale, maintenance, and repair of appliances, along with home/business-related repairs and service including, but not limited to, appliances, plumbing, and electrical services, HVAC installation, and repair, computer and electronic sales and repair, and other similar uses.

Home Occupation
An occupation for gain which is incidental and subordinate to the use of the premises as a principal dwelling, carried on by a person in the home in which they reside.

A facility providing physical or mental health services to, inpatient or overnight accommodations for, and medical or surgical care of the sick, injured, or disabled.

Hotel, Motel
A building in which lodging is provided and offered to the public for compensation and which is open to transient guests. Such uses may include conference and event space, business centers, restaurants, bars, personal service uses, and other similar accessory uses that cater to the patrons of the hotel or motel.


A facility for medical, optical, orthotic, prosthetic, or dental laboratory service, photographic, analytical, or testing services, and scientific research facilities.

Landscaping Businesses and Retail
A business that sells landscaping-related products or specializes in making improvements of a lot with grass, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation and/or ornamental objects. Landscaping may include pedestrian walks, flower beds, berms, fountains, and other similar natural and man-made objects designed and arranged to produce an aesthetically pleasing effect.

A facility that contains books, periodicals, and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, that consists of a room, set of rooms, or a building where such materials may be accessed or borrowed.


Manufacturing, Artisan
An establishment or business where an artist, artisan, or craftsperson teaches, makes, or fabricates crafts or products by hand or with minimal automation; and which may include direct sales to consumers. This definition includes uses such as small-scale fabrication but is not limited to, manufacturing, and other industrial uses and processes such as welding and sculpting.

Manufacturing, Heavy
The assembly, fabrication, or processing of goods and materials using processes that ordinarily have greater than minimal impacts on the environment, or that ordinarily have significant impacts on the use and enjoyment of adjacent properties in terms of truck traffic, railroad activities, noise, smoke, fumes, visual impact, odors, glare, or health and safety hazards, or that otherwise do not meet the definition of “Light Manufacturing”. This use may include outdoor storage and activities.

Manufacturing, Light
A use engaged in assembling, altering, converting, fabricating, finishing, processing, or treatment of a product utilizing a relatively clean and quiet process that does not include or generate objectionable or hazardous elements such as smoke, odor, vibration, water pollution, or dust and which is operating and storing products and materials in a completely enclosed structure.

Medical Clinic, Urgent Care
A health care facility where patients are admitted for examination and treatment on an out-patient basis by one or more physicians, dentists, or other medical personnel, and where patients are not kept overnight. This use includes immediate medical care clinics, surgical centers, birthing centers, and outpatient care facilities.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
A building, or part of a building, where one or more primary caregivers operate with the intent to transfer marijuana between primary caregivers and/or qualifying patients.

A building, lot, or development that contains a mixture of uses including residential, commercial, and/or industrial uses. Such uses may be mixed within one building (either horizontally or vertically) or within an overall development.

Motor Vehicles
A self-propelled vehicle that is not propelled by muscular power, that is used for the transportation of people or cargo.

A building, place, or institution devoted to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having significant scientific, historical, cultural, or artistic value.


Night Club and Live Music Venue
A facility that is open to the public and characterized by live or televised entertainment, or dancing. Food and beverages may be sold on the premises but are generally accessory to the primary use.


A building or portion of a building wherein services are performed involving predominantly administrative, professional, or clerical operations.

Outdoor Dining
A porch, patio, deck, or other area used for consumption of food and/or beverage by the public which is not completely enclosed within the exterior building walls, windows, and doors of a restaurant or drinking establishment, and which may or may not have a solid roof cover.

Outdoor Display and Retail Area
An accessory and subordinate use that is an unenclosed area exhibiting sample goods or merchandise. The items for sale must be from the principal business with which the outdoor display or retail area is associated.

Outdoor Recreation, Accessory
Any recreational improvements that are generally accessory and subordinate to a principal dwelling unit or other principal use, such as but not limited to swimming pools, sports courts, sports fields, and skate parks.

Outdoor Sale
Any unenclosed area exhibiting sample goods, merchandise, or vehicles for rental, lease, or sale.


Parking, Structure
A principal or accessory building, or an enclosed space within the principal building, in which motor vehicles owned by the general public are parked, including facilities operated as a business enterprise with a service charge or fee paid to the owner or operator of such facility, with no facilities for mechanical service or repair of a commercial or public nature.

Parking, Surface
An area not within a building where motor vehicles may be stored for the purposes of temporary, daily, or overnight off-street parking.

Personal Service
An establishment primarily engaged in providing individual services generally related to personal needs, such as but not limited to barber shops, beauty shops, nail salons, day spas, travel agencies, and photographic studios.

Portable Storage Unit
A portable and temporary structure that is placed on a property and is used for storage of items, including but not limited to, clothing, equipment, goods, household or office fixtures or furnishings, materials, and merchandise.

Principal Building
The building on a lot that is the main building for the permitted land use associated with the land.

Private Club/Lodge
Facilities and lands operated by a local chapter of a national fraternal organization that has well-defined requirements for membership.

Public Parks and Playground
A parcel of land owned and operated by a non-profit or governmental entity that is available to the public for passive and/or active recreation.


Radio, Television Studio
Studio spaces for the creation of and broadcasting of radio or television programs.

Recreation Facility, Indoor
Facilities for entertainment, sports, and recreational activities such as bowling, billiards, arcades, skating, swimming, tennis, escape clubs, escape rooms, and similar indoor activities taking place inside an enclosed building. This definition shall not include gambling devices, adult motion picture theaters, adult entertainment businesses, gun ranges, or any other devices prohibited by law.

Recreation Facility, Outdoor
A principal use that consists of commercial entertainment, recreation, or games of skill where any portion of the activity takes place outside of a building. Such activities include, but are not limited to, miniature golf, bungee jumping, amusement parks, golf course, golf driving ranges, drive-in theaters, and other similar uses. This use does not include outdoor gun ranges.

Recreational Vehicle and Equipment
A vehicular portable structure designed and constructed to be primarily used as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreation, and vacation uses that may include a motor home, travel trailer, and truck camper.

Religious Facility
An institution that a congregation of people regularly attends to participate in or hold religious services, meetings, and other activities, including buildings in which the religious services of any denomination are held.

Research and Development Facility
A facility for scientific research and the design, development, and testing of electrical, electronic, magnetic, optical, and computer and telecommunications components in advance of product manufacturing, and the assembly of related products from parts produced off-site. Such use includes pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology research and development. Does not include soils and other materials testing laboratories, or medical laboratories.

Residential Facility

  • A residential dwelling or facility that falls into one of the following categories:
    • Provides accommodations, supervision, personal care services, and mental health services for one or more unrelated adults with mental illness or one or more unrelated children or adolescents with severe emotional disturbances.
    • Provides accommodations, supervision, and personal care services to any of the following:
      • One or two unrelated persons with mental illness,
      • One or two unrelated adults who are receiving payments under the residential state supplement program,
      • Three to sixteen unrelated adults.
    • Provides room and board for five or more unrelated adults with mental illness.
    • This use does not include opioid treatment programs.

Residential Facilities, Small
A residential facility that is designed for and occupied by five or fewer residents living together.

Residential Facilities, Large
A residential facility that is designed for and occupied by six or more residents living together.

Residential Outdoor Sale
A residential outdoor sale consists of house-, apartment-, garage-, and yard-sales and are permitted in any residential district, but only when limited to the personal possessions of the owner or occupant of the dwelling unit at which such sale is being conducted.

Residential Treatment Facility
A residential dwelling or facility where persons are living together, with or without staff, as a single housekeeping unit providing care, supervision, or treatment to reduce dependence or maintain independence of opioid drugs. A “Residential Treatment Facility” is subject to the protections of the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments of 1988, as defined in that Act and interpreted by the courts, as they apply to citizens in drug addiction treatment programs, and by any similar legislation of the State of Ohio.

Residential Treatment Facility, Small
A residential treatment facility that is designed for and occupied by five or fewer residents living together.

Residential Treatment Facility, Large
A residential treatment facility that is designed for and occupied by six or more residents living together.

See Food and Beverage.

Retail Sales, Large Scale
A facility or establishment greater than 20,000 square feet of gross floor area, which engages in selling goods or merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption and rendering services incidental to the sale of such goods.

Retail Sales, Small Scale
A facility or establishment up to 20,000 square feet of gross floor area, which engages in selling goods or merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption and rendering services incidental to the sale of such goods. Within a multi-tenant or mixed-use building, the overall building may be more than 20,000 as long as each tenant does not exceed the square footage threshold.


Seasonal Sale
The temporary sale of seasonal goods, that may include, but is not limited to, farmer’s markets, and the sale of Christmas trees, pumpkins, and similar items. This use does not include the outdoor display or sales of goods from the principal business with which the display or sales is associated. See Outdoor Display and Retail Area.

Self-Storage Facility
A building or group of buildings consisting of individual, self-contained units leased to individuals, organizations, or businesses for the storage of personal property.

A room used for the display of goods or merchandise. To be used as a place to view rather than to buy merchandise.

Small-Format Store
A small-scale retail store that sells a wide range of inexpensive or discount goods, generally located in a standalone building.

Solar Farm
A utility-scale commercial facility that converts sunlight into electricity, whether by photovoltaics (PV), concentrating solar thermal devices (CST), or various experimental solar technologies, for the primary purpose of wholesale or retail sales of generated electricity.

Solar Panels
Panels installed on a building or on a lot to allow for the conversion of solar energy to electrical current.

Stone or Monument Work
Manufacturing establishments primarily engaged in cutting, shaping, and finishing marble, granite, slate, and other stone for building and miscellaneous uses.

Storage, Outdoor
The keeping, in an unroofed area, of any goods, material, merchandise, vehicles, trailers, or equipment in the same place for more than 24 hours.

Swimming Pool
An open tank or structure either above or below ground, designed to contain a depth of at least 24 inches of water at any point, including the lounging and spectator areas and any accessory buildings, structures, or equipment. Detention or retention ponds shall not be considered a swimming pool.


A temporary structure for the protection from weather, in association with and accessory to a temporary event. Tents are not to be used for overnight accommodations.

A facility for audio and visual productions and performing arts, excluding adult motion picture theaters and adult entertainment businesses.

Transit Center
A facility located outside of public right-of-way where multiple transit routes converge and allow passengers simple transfer to different transit routes. Such uses may include bus stations, bus stops, and similar types of uses.


Utility Substation
An assemblage of equipment for purposes other than energy generation or use, through which electric energy in bulk is passed for the purposes of switching or modifying its characteristics to meet the needs of the general public; provided that in residential districts an electric substation shall not include rotating equipment, outdoor storage, trucks, repair crew housing, or offices.


Vape, Tobacco, Liquor Sales
Any store, stand, booth, or concession that devotes 30 percent or more of its display floor area to tobacco products, or to the display and sale of tobacco, electronic smoking devices, or drug paraphernalia to purchasers for consumption of use. This classification of use does not include medical marijuana dispensaries, which are prohibited in the City of Brooklyn.

Veterinarian Office and Animal Hospital
An establishment where animals or pets are given medical or surgical treatment and are cared for during the time of such treatment. This use does not include a ‘kennel,’ and overnight boarding of animals shall only be permitted when incidental to such medical treatment and limited to short periods of time.


Warehousing and Distribution, Primary Use
The storage of raw materials, parts, or finished manufactured goods before their export or distribution. The facility is staffed and there is no customer-direct pick-up or access to these facilities. Such storage must be within a building.

Warehousing and Distribution, Secondary Use
A secondary and subordinate use to an industrial or commercial use where raw materials, parts, or finished manufactured goods may be stored before their export or distribution. Such storage must be within a building.

Wholesale Facility
A facility for the storage and wholesale sales of merchandise and bulk goods and non-retail store sales, which are not sold directly to the consumer, including electronic shopping, mail-order houses, and other direct-selling establishments. This use classification excludes retail sale of goods at discount prices for individual consumption.

Wireless and Cellular Telecommunication Facility
Any cables, wires, lines, waveguides, antennas, equipment, or structures associated with the transmission or reception of communications as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which an applicant seeks to locate or has installed upon a tower or existing structure.