Module 3: Administration, General Provisions, Review Procedures

July–September 2022

In this module, consultants draft signage and lighting standards in Zoning Districts to meet the goals of the Brooklyn Master Plan. Drafting begins on the Administration Process, finalizing the draft of the Zoning Code, and updating Definitions for ease-of-use.

At our final Open House, September 13, we presented our Draft of the full Zoning Code. Summary Boards are below. Download the PDFs here.

View our most recent presentation to City Council with updates on Signage and Lighting, the Administration Process, and Definitions below.

Watch the August 2 work session here:

View the June 2 presentation from McBride Dale Clarion (MDC) on Signage and Lighting and the Administration Process below.

Watch the June 2 City Council work session, here: