Adoption and Final Production

Tasks for This Phase
  1. Addressing comments and creating a final draft of the new code.
  2. Asking the public to review and comment on the final draft.
  3. Having the code reviewed and adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council.
  4. Holding a referendum vote by residents for any zoning map changes or new districts. (We’re here!)

Zoning Code Approved

On Monday, January 9, City Council adopted the proposed Zoning Code for the City of Brooklyn and authorized sending the necessary zoning items to the Board of Elections for the May referendum.

The current zoning map can be viewed below.

Zoning Code- Adopted

The City of Brooklyn’s Zoning Code, adopted by City Council, can be viewed here. The next step in the process is moving to a referendum vote in the May election.

If the ordinances approved by Council are also approved by the citizens at the upcoming May 2023 election, the ordinances would revise the Planning and Zoning Code and official zoning map of the city, create the new Public Facilities (PF) and Parks and Open Space (PO) zoning districts, and rezone certain parcels of land into new zoning districts.

The changes proposed for the Planning and Zoning Code will modernize the types of businesses allowed in commercial zones, while “right-sizing” residential regulations to reflect current and desired development patterns.

The most recent Code, approved by Council, can be viewed below: